About Us

The Southern Cruisers Riding Club is for everyone who enjoys riding with a club, and our club Policies are very simple.

  • No Dues or Fees
  • You DO NOT have to show up at All club meetings
  • No tasks for you to perform
  • and No Major Commitments!

We just ride for the thrill of riding. Most of our trips are local and not 500 miles from here. So whether you ride a Harley, Honda, Kawasaki or any other Street Legal motorcycle, you will always be welcome at the Southern Cruisers Riding Club. The cost for membership is FREE.  The SCRC is involved with charity fund raising rides, local and long distance rides, overnighters and club dinner rides, and of course the unknown rides which may lead us anywhere. We also promote Motorcycle and Public Safety rules, and under no circumstances will we be involved in any illegal activities.

Riding as a group is a lot of fun, and can show you new places to ride you might not have found otherwise. The chapter itself is authorized by the Southern Cruisers Riding Club national organization. They appoint a “First Officer”, who is responsible for further appointments, organization and smooth operation of the chapter. The Pensacola chapter, in addition to its First Officer,  has a Second Officer. Also, a group of dedicated volunteers, designated as “core” members, help with the many tasks of ride planning. Additional posts are offered and occupied, all designed to help plan, organize and carry out our rides so the members can simply show up, ride and have fun.

To help keep our members informed, the chapter operates an internet forum, where users can read about ride plans, talk about motorcycles, hear about upcoming plans, and just generally be part of the chapter community. All members or interested friends are invited to register with delphi and participate in forums. If you’re not already a delphi member, just register and take advantage of our forum and the many others hosted by Delphi.

SCRC Chapter 164 also hosts a Facebook Page where members can post pictures and comment on trips and rides.