Mileage Program

Chapter Mileage Objectives:

Encourage participation in SCRC rides and events for both riders and passengers.

Recognize member participation.

Promote comradery.

Ride Rules

Anyone can suggest a Ride, there are only a few requirements to get mileage credit.

  • General guidance:

    • If members are not at the initial departure point but join the group later, they may be counted as part of the ride as long as they ride the majority of the route on their bike.
    • Miles The Pig counts as chapter member for all rides and events.
    • Rides and events are open to all members.
    • Actual miles accumulated on the ride count. Miles to and from the starting point are excluded.
    • Additional miles accumulated after the posted ride ends do not count.
    • When posting a ride, it is assumed proper planning has occurred. The ride post should contain departure location & time, length of the ride and expected return time.


  • Chapter Rides (see listing below):

    • Must be posted one day in advance of the ride.
    • Must have a minimum of 3 chapter members participating.
    • Can be on the same day as Chapter or SCRC Events.


  • Unscheduled Rides:

    • Must be posted on the forum 3 days in advance of ride.
    • Must have at least 4 SCRC chapter members participating.
    • Cannot be on the same day as Chapter Rides.


  • Chapter Events and Overnighters (see listing below):

    • Must be posted 7 days in advance of the event.
    • All miles count if participating in the majority of the event.
    • Actual miles count if not participating in the majority of the event.


  • Approved SCRC Events (see listing below):

    • Miles count regardless of the number of chapter members participating in the event.
    • Miles are awarded by direct mileage to and from the event plus any miles accumulated during the event by SCRC 164 members.
    • Miles are awarded to all attendees (attendance for all days of the event is not required).


  • Chapter Patch:

    • A free Chapter patch is earned after new members complete 5 chapter rides and reach 500 chapter ride miles.


  • Chapter 1st Officer can authorize official mileage for short notice rides and can designate additional Chapter Events.


Chapter Rides: 1st Saturday, 3rd Sunday, Wednesday and Full Moon Rides.

Chapter Events: Planned Chapter Picnics, Overnight Campouts and Get-Togethers.

SCRC Events: Party in the Panhandle, other events as posted on the National Calendar.

Mileage Rocker Tiers
Mileage Wings with 1,000 mile rocker
5,000 rocker
10,000 rocker
15,000 rocker
20,000 rocker
25,000 rocker
30,000 rocker
40,000 rocker
50,000 rocker
60,000 rocker
70,000 rocker
80,000 rocker
90,000 rocker
100,000 rocker

Updated on 9 Apr, 2018