Member in the Spotlight

Ron Ward

Hometown: Marital Status:  Pensacola is my hometown, married

Age:  way too old

Occupation:   Developer and realtor trying to retire

Current motorcycle you  ride:   2017 road glide

When did you FIRST THINK about getting a motorcycle? A long time ago when I was a teenager and started racing motocross.

What attracted you to your current bike? I am an old Harley guy and this bike serves my riding style it is very comfortable and handles great.

Fastest you’ve ridden? 160+ way too fast I don’t recommend it.

How long does it take you to polish your bike?  I like a clean bike so I wash it in about 30 min. Wax about 1 hour.

Helmet or no helmet?  Helmet I have pressed my luck too much and need all the protection I can get.

How many bikes have you owned? Wow I lost count maybe 20 started with dirt bike and then started racing became too old for that and started riding street bikes.

If you could change something about your bike, what would it be? Cheaper parts

What is the next accessory you will be adding to your bike?  Add a microwave o wait that would be if I had a gold wing, just kidding.

Favorite road song? Smooth jazz

What are 3 lessons you’ve learned about riding safely in the past 12 months? Ride like everyone is trying to kill you

Longest ride:  6000 miles plus, 1000 miles in one day.

What was the worst weather you’ve ridden in?   28 deg. and snowing and rain so hard I could not see 20 feet in front of me, stupid I know.

Favorite time of the year to ride?  Spring and fall cool weather

Next event you would like to attend:  Sturgis, then salt flats

Ever hit any critters, alive or dead?  I have been very lucky only ran over something dead in the road.

 Do you have a ride bell on your bike? Did have but it did not work

Why do you ride?  Pure enjoyment

What is your “dream machine”? 58 corvette upgraded to todays standards.

If you had only 7 bucks left in your wallet, what would you do with it?  Call the bank and find out where my money went.

Why did you join the Pensacola SCRC Chapter?  This is an odd story I met Mike Owens for the first time at the Stagecoach and  followed him back to Pensacola by way of many back roads. I liked the way he rode and  he said why don’t you join our club. I found out that all members like to ride which is what I like to do.  It is a great club and great people, I enjoy riding with them and found many back roads to ride.