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Nice Mike

Nickname: 2wheelsforme and Nice Mike as well as many others that often change.

Hometown: Gulf Breeze FL

Marital Status: Married above my pay grade.

 Age: 63

Occupation: Realtor and Slum Lord.

Current motorcycle you  ride: Honda F6B, Yamaha Venture and Honda VTX.

When did you FIRST THINK about getting a motorcycle? Didn’t think about it, my Dad just brought a Vespa home one day and said you can have this if you can keep it running. That was in the mid 60s, then in High School I begged for and got a Honda 160 Dream, thanks to Dad and Him going against my Mons wishes. I’ll never forget His words to Mom when She complained about the dangers of a bike. He said to Her “What do you want to save Him for, Vietnam?” Yea Dad! Back then we wore white T-shirts and black windbreakers and they called us hoods even thought we were just kids. I”v had several metric bikes including a very odd Suzuki with a rotary engine. Then I had a crash that required some recovery time and resulted in destruction of an uninsured bike so no Ownership for many years. I did keep my endorsement current and rode Friends bikes sometimes. I got my own again in the summer of 2001 so I could enjoy the hills and scenery of South Alabama while I was working out of town. I knew right away I was hooked like never before. Maybe that is why I still like to head up that way so often.

What attracted you to your current bike? I’m a big Guy and getting bigger all the time so I like big bikes and all three of my current bikes are large. The F6B is comfortable, fast, handles great and is top of the line reliable. Along with good wind/rain protection what more could you ask for?

Fastest you’ve ridden? Current bike is governed at 125.

How long does it take you to polish your bike? Not much polishing here, very little chrome and don’t even have shiny paint, it is called a matte finish. I like it!

Helmet or no helmet? First I appreciate the right to decide if I want a lid or not when I ride, thank you Florida. I do wear one most of the time, a half when it’s hot and a full if traveling high way speeds or expecting inclement weather. But if you have never rode along the beach road at night helmet-less on a warm summer night smelling the salt air and feeling the cool breeze off the gulf you have NOT enjoyed 2 wheels as much as possible.

How many bikes have you owned? I think 12.

If you could change something about your bike, what would it be? Bigger, taller, more ground clearance, more leg room, bigger engine, bigger gas tank, anti lock brakes.

What is the next accessory you will be adding to your bike? A Russel Day Long custom built seat.

Favorite road song? Nothing really, my taste change often and also love the sound of nothing but the pipes. So that cadence is probable for my favorite.

What are 3 lessons you’ve learned about riding safely in the past 12 months? I think learning proper braking is very important, avoiding rear wheel lock up thus avoiding a high side, a very common crash and avoidable. Additionally doing some emergency braking to become accustomed to that feeling is something everyone should do. Good tires properly inflated are a must. Next I would say learning to lean enough in practice to experience dragging a peg. You don’t want to freak out the first time something hard touches down and you are in a  dangerous curve.

Longest ride: Iron Butt a few years ago, 1100 miles in 24 hours.

What was the worst weather you’ve ridden in? I think I have ridden in what might be called a frog drowning downpour for hours before just trying to get home from a trip.

Favorite time of the year to ride? Fall, cool enough to wear the jacket/gear/helmet and the leaves have dropped from the trees giving a better distance view of the country side.

Next event you would like to attend: A F6B rally this summer in Cortez Colorado.

Ever hit any critters, alive or dead? Lots of snakes both alive and dead, Hit a squirrel last week, I’m pretty sure He is dead now.  Biggest thing hit was a large dog, but lucky enough to not go down, we both survived but I’m sure it ruined his day.

 Do you have a ride bell on your bike? Nope for two and yes for the VTX, it is decorated more that the others.

Why do you ride? Copied from a previous post:
I’m been told that I’m obsessive about things, sometimes by others but mostly by my Wife Karen. I do tend to really like things to the point where that is the only thing I want to do so I guess they are correct. It has been many things over the years like sports, the beach, boating, or playing poker, but motorcycling stands out as my all time number one passion. What else can give you: The solitude of rushing air while listing to the cadence of pipes and enjoying the smell of fresh cut grass in the air. Seeing the look of excitement in the eyes of children and the look of lost chances from the old. The small rush from feeling you are living close to the edge. The feel of flying in acrobatic formations when cruising fast with good friends you trust. And the knowledge that only you and others who ride know the real secret of why a dog hangs his head out a car window. Do you think I’m obsessed?

What is your “dream machine”? I guess I would really like to have one of those incredulous V-8 powered monsters. I’m sure I never will but this a dream right?

If you had only 7 bucks left in your wallet, what would you do with it? Buy gas and ride out into the country somewhere I could sit on my bike and gaze at some beautiful scenery like a river or a long view. If a good Friend is along even better.

Why did you join the  Pensacola SCRC Chapter? It helps fulfill my passion for anything motorcycle related. Like minded people, bike talk and learning about new roads to discover.